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Aigul-Tash Mountain

The mountain Aigul-Tash is located at the entrance of the Kara-Bulak village. It is home to an amazingly beautiful flower which red and yellow petals endemic to the area, called aigul, that blooms in April. According to legend, a maiden named Aigul was unable to withstand the news that the man that she loved had died in battle, and threw herself off the cliff of this very mountain. When spring came, wonderful flowers started growing in the places where the maiden’s drops of blood had fallen. People named the flowers Aigul and the mountain Aigul-Tash, after the maiden. The flower is listed in the Red Book.

Ai-Kol Lake

This “moon” (“ai” means “moon” in Kyrgyz language) lake is located on the northern slope of Turkestan range, about 3000 meters above sea level. This small "moon lake" lies in the captivity of steep rocks and you can admire its beauty only from afar. The lake has two streams flowing into it and lake covered by ice in winter.

Karavshin Gorge

Karavshin Gorge is located at Turkestan range. This marvelous piece of nature contains cliffy mountains, fast flowing rivers, clean spring waters, and green meadows. It is a great place called "the Asian Patagonia" because of with its green meadows, fast streams and strong winds resembles the South American steppe. The mountains are composed of strong granite, limestone and sandstone. Now unique and unexplored Karavshin attracts more tourists and fans of extreme sports.

Sarkent National Nature Reserve

Sarkent National Nature Reserve is located in the Leilek district of Bakten province. The park covers an area of 40,000 hectares and established to preserve the biological diversity of natural systems. There are animals listed in the Red Book: brown bear, snow leopard, lynx, golden eagle, (Falco cherrug) saker falcon and (Gyps himalayensis) Himalayan griffon. The landscape characterized by juniper forests. The reserve contains five different lakes.