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Manas Peak

Manas Peak is the highest point of the Talas Ala-Too range located in its western part, at an altitude of 4488 meters above sea level. Its slopes are so steep that no snow and ice ever cling to the mountainsides. Named after the great Kyrgyz hero Manas, this peak is the symbol of independence. Because of the steep slopes to conquer this peak, can only a few lucky people with superhuman willpower.

Besh-Tash National Park

Besh-Tash National park is 13 km from Talas city and located on both sides of the Besh-Tash river. The park, with an overall area of 32411 hectares, is home to rare plant and animal species included in the Red Book of the Kyrgyz Republic, such as (Ovis ammon) argali, Turkestan lynx, snow leopards, golden eagles, Himalayan griffon and saker falcons. The pride of the National park is the high altitude (2997 m) azure lake Besh-Tash. Osman, marinka and trout are chasing each other playfully in the lake. In addition, in the river of the same name is a rainbow trout.

Gumbez of Manas

Gumbez (Mausoleum) of Manas, a medieval architectural monument, is located in Ken-Kol valley, 22 km northeast of Talas. Although well known among people and in scientific literature as the Mausoleum of Manas, the inscription on the wall reads that the tomb belongs to the daughter of one of the rulers of the Chagatai Khanate. There is a famous legend saying that Kanykei, Manas’s wife, ordered to masters from Bukhara and Samarkand to build this monument in memory of her deceased husband and that the girl’s name on the tomb was inscribed specially in order to distract the attention of the enemies. A small building built of burnt bricks, decorated with Kyrgyz patterns of applied art and Arabic inscriptions. Gumbez (Mausoleum) of Manas an architectural complex called Manas Ordo nowadays.

Kirov Reservoir

The Kirov reservoir is located in the Chon-Kapka gorge, in Talas province. It covers an area of 39 sq. km. The length of the reservoir is 25 m, 86 m height and the depth is 7 m. The construction of the reservoir completed in 1975 and the main function is irrigation of the lands of Talas province and some parts of present Kazakhstan. The coastal zone has good conditions for recreation and fishing. With a picturesque scenery, the coastal areas are ideal for fishing as well as other recreational activities.