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Naryn State Reserve

Naryn State Reserve is located in the eastern part of the Naryn province. Its territory begins at the source of the Naryn River and covers a hillside forest of Naryn-Too mountain range. The total area of the reserve is about 24.969 hectares, aside from the nearby 53.388 hectares of land that is also under environmental protection. The primary task of the reserve is protection and conservation of region’s flora and fauna. It is home to 1870 plant and 50 animal species. The most commonly found plants are spruce, rowan (mountain ash), willow, juniper, (Rosa) brier and currants. Deer, mountain goats, mountain sheep, bears, wolves, snow leopards, lynxes, and martens are just some of the animals protected by the reserve. In the reserve different animals are met - (Cervus elaphus) maral or red deer, (Ovis ammon) argali, roe deer, bear, wolf, snow leopard, lynx, marten and many other.