This type of insurance covers the expenses incurred during the stay of the Insured in the territory of a foreign country due to the need for medical assistance, repatriation and other medical services, including transportation. We offer an international medical insurance policy that is supported by the Service services “CORIS”. We guarantee the organization and payment of medical care 24 hours a day in any country of the world, with a sudden illness or accident You can get an emergency medical and other assistance by contacting round-the-clock CORIS Customer Service by phone or by SMS. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as foreign citizens permanently or temporarily living in the Kyrgyz Republic, can be insured.

The insurance policy covers the following expenses: Medical expenses: for the treatment of emergency illnesses or injuries, as well as necessary medications prescribed by a doctor. Medical transportation expenses: for evacuation of the Insured from the scene to the nearest medical institution or to a doctor; as well as for emergency medical repatriation of the Insured, including escort (if such escort is prescribed by a doctor) from abroad to his place of residence. Transportation costs: the cost of returning the Insured himself or his children home, if they were left unattended due to an insured event; repatriation after death: on the delivery of the body to the place where the Insured resided, if his death occurred as a result of an insured event. If you needed medical assistance during the trip caused by a sudden illness or accident, you must: – personally or through your representative (guide, attending physician, etc.) call within 24 hours (at the expense of the called subscriber or independently, with subsequent reimbursement in Kyrgyzstan on the bills for telephone calls ) at any time of the day at the Service Company Duty Center (Russian-speaking dispatchers are working) Or directly to the clinic at the place of stay by calling the numbers in the Policy and saying: – that you are insured by IC Rosstrakh-Kyrgyz tang “; – your last name, first name, number and expiration date of your policy; – the place where you are and the phone number where you will be contacted immediately by a representative of the Service Company or a doctor from the clinic; – the essence of your problem and what help you need. To calculate the honey. services you can contact our managers, at will individual packages of insurance services can be prepared, taking into account the trip abroad as much as possible.